Gardening for Planet Earth: 10 Ways That You Can Make a Difference

Climate change. Vanishing species. Polluted water. The list of environmental problems today seems endless. But there is hope, gardeners! and some of it rests with you. Over the last few decades, suburban development has replaced agriculture and open space as the largest class of land use in the Delaware Valley. This means that the welfare of the environment is largely in the hands of you, the homeowner. This class will address eco-friendly gardening from two perspectives: 1) what the most serious environmental issues are today and how we gardeners can help mitigate the damage; and 2) what common gardening practices cause the most harm to the environment and how we can change them. We shall cover in detail 10 gardening practices that you can implement to make a difference in protecting the environment and many other “bonus” tips based on the instructor’s experience as an environmental professional and Master Gardener.