Who Needs Hostas? Create a Beautiful Native Shade Garden Instead

Gardening in the shade can be difficult. In addition to the low light levels, soils are often too dry or too moist. In this situation, many gardeners default to planting hostas, a familiar source of foliage with occasional flowers. But why plant Asiatic hostas just because the neighbors do? Why not create a beautiful shade garden with native herbaceous perennials instead? There are a wide variety of Pennsylvania woodland plants suitable for home landscapes, and they offer everything from spring blossoms through textured summer greenery and colorful autumn foliage to interesting winter features. Come learn about these low-maintenance, herbaceous plants and the many choices you’ll have in designing your own four-season native shade garden, inspired by local plant communities and the glory of Penn's Woods. In addition to making a more enjoyable landscape for you and your family, you’ll be helping the local ecosystem by using plants that support our songbirds and other native wildlife.