Attack of the Aliens: How to Identify and Control Invasive Plants.

Whether you’re a home gardener or a professional land manager, you have undoubtedly encountered The Weed from Another Planet at one point or another. Though this aggressive species seems genetically designed to commandeer your landscape, it is more likely to be from another continent than another world. Some harmful "weeds" might be native plants trying to reestablish themselves in your yard, but most are alien to our area and can be detrimental to the local ecosystem. How do you tell the difference, and how do you encourage the good plants while controlling the bad ones? Join us to learn how to identify and manage unruly vines, perennials, shrubs and trees in order to help restore ecological benefits to your property.


Invasive Plant Fact Sheets (The Pennsylvania Flora Project)

Invasive Plants in Pennsylvania (PA DCNR)

Invasive Species Quick Sheets (PennState Extension)

Managing Invasive Plants (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)