How to Design and Plan a Natural Home Landscape

Landscaping successfully is both an art and a science, requiring a well-thought-out balance of aesthetics and functionality. Through proper design and planning, you can create a livable, natural landscape that looks beautiful all year. This course combines the theoretical with the practical to help you understand some of the fundamental elements of artistic design and how to apply them to a realistic plan for your home landscape. We will cover the principles of color, line, form, unity, and focalization and learn how to incorporate them into a detailed plan for creating native plant communities that will help you achieve the look you want in keeping with your site conditions.


Landscape Design Series (University of Florida IFAS Extension)

Native Garden Templates (Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources)

Native Plant Garden Design Templates for Small Spaces and Containers (Lehigh Gap Nature Center)

DIY Garden Designs (Audubon Mid-Atlantic)

Pollinator Garden Plans (Snetsinger Butterfly Garden)

Native Garden Designs (Wild Ones)

Class Presentation (May 2022)